See a demo and learn how to connect directly from Tableau, Power BI, and Qlik to visualize OBIEE Subject Areas and Reports in minutes using BI Connector. 

No more wasting hours on error-prone export-import or ETL!

You'll Learn

To create stunning visualizations from OBIEE subject areas with Tableau, Power BI or QlikSense
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BI Connector

The deployment options for combining Tableau, Power BI and QlikSense with OBIEE

The capabilities that you gain and the OBIEE features that you might miss.

About the Speaker - Shankar Radhakrishnan

Shankar Radhakrishnan is the CEO and Co-founder of BI Connector.  He is an expert in applying analytics, data science, search, data engineering, and data warehousing to improve business and operational performance. He has an MBA from UC Berkeley, M.S. from University of Michigan, and B.Tech from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.
To save time by eliminating manual export-import and ETL scripts by connecting directly to OBIEE reports

Save time, reduce errors, and create visually appealing reports faster from OBIEE subject areas and reports

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