Month: April 2020

How to Connect Power BI to OBIEE and OAC [Without Costly Re-engineering]

When visualizing OBIEE/Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) Subject Areas and Reports in Power BI, the users most often experience hiccups in establishing a seamless connectivity from Power BI to OBIEE/Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC). The manual process of exporting and importing data from OBIEE to Power BI is cumbersome. On top of that, the users also spend […]

Canadian Health Organization Empowers its Remote Workers with Tableau to OBIEE Connectivity for Self-service Visualization

Organizations are fast-tracking many strategic and time-sensitive decisions as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. The top management personnel across all industries and public organizations around the globe are now focused on: Business continuity Employee safety and compliance Maintaining the stakeholders’ trust  Strengthening finance and operations Cutting costs  Maximizing sales and revenue In this unforeseen […]

BI Connector v4.11 is released, Notification for Upgrading to the Latest Version

BI Connector is improving steadily with every release. At each release, the BI Connector team ensures the product gets a step closer to the users’ needs and wants. Hence, we highly recommend for the users to download and use the latest available version, in order to make the most of BI Connector. However, most users […]