Month: July 2020

Organizations are integrating modern visualization tools like Power BI with OBIEE for effectively complementing the self-service data visualization gaps in OBIEE. Apart from ODBC Drivers, the other option available for connecting Power BI to OBIEE is Web Data Connectors. In this blog post, we’ll see what is a Web Data Connector, and explore the pros […]

OBIEE’s limitation in terms of Self-Service Data Visualization is complemented well by Power BI. However, if users export and import data manually from OBIEE to Power BI through excel, they experience a lot of limitations. In this blog post, we’ll do a cost-benefit analysis of visualizing OBIEE data in Power BI using Excel export and […]

Organizations using OBIEE experience hiccups in self-service data visualization, and hence considering to switch to modern BI platforms like Power BI. Most organizations using OBIEE are using the platform for almost over a decade. During this time, the IT teams have already created a single source of truth in OBIEE by building connectivity to many […]

Organizations complement the data visualization limitations of OBIEE and Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) by connecting these platforms with modern visualization tools like Power BI using the bimodal analytics approach. Here are the 3 options for connecting Power BI to OBIEE: Oracle BI Server ODBC Driver BI Connector Web Data Connectors Let’s take a quick look […]