Month: February 2021

Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC): The Jumpstart Guide

Introduction Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC), as the name indicates, is a cloud-based Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics platform from Oracle. The organizations using Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) are rapidly migrating to OAC. The major reason behind the migration is usually OAC’s self-service data visualization features, which OBIEE lacks. Though Oracle Analytics Server (OAS) […]

Connecting Tableau to OBIEE: Challenges and Solutions

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) is a traditional BI platform used by large enterprises even today. Though OBIEE is great for maintaining a single source of truth, it falls far short of the end-user expectations in terms of self-service data visualization. Many companies are addressing this problem by complementing OBIEE with a data visualization […]

How to Setup Static and Dynamic Row Level Security (RLS)
in Power BI?

Row Level Security (RLS), simply put, is the way we restrict data presented in a report based on user login. The complexity of the RLS set up varies depending on the number of dimensions and dimension members that require security. If you have a small, fixed list of users and a static number of dimensions, […]