Month: December 2021

Data management has evolved a lot, with the introduction of new technologies and concepts like data lakes, data vaults, graph databases, etc.  For example, Graph databases, though just around a decade old, are witnessing a wide adoption in recent years, in the insight-hungry business world. However, the relational databases withstood the test of time, and […]

The concept of Data Warehousing, though decades old, still remains a tough problem to solve for most organizations. The ever-evolving customer needs, touchpoints, regulatory requirements, along with other business dynamics have proved that organizations must maintain and upgrade the Data Warehouses regularly. No organization can ever claim their data warehouse is ‘all-set’ or use it […]

Data Lakes – The term unofficially means the freedom to store all data in their raw formats and structures.  Data lakes save the cost as well when implemented in the cloud, all while avoiding the hardware management headache! Hence, businesses are increasingly tapping into Data Lakes to uncover hidden insights and gain a competitive edge […]