Month: January 2023

Oracle Cloud Applications – The User Delight and Nightmare Do you use any of the Oracle Cloud Applications listed below for your day-to-day work? : The above applications are super simple to use from an operational standpoint. They make the users’ life much easier by simplifying a complicated business process. But when we shift the […]

In today’s digital landscape, online systems generate a large amount of data. When working in a team, it is common for the data to be updated frequently, say weekly, or daily, or even hourly. Loading the entire dataset from such data sources into a business intelligence tool like Power BI every day (or at regular […]

Date formulas and functions are very useful in Power BI and serve as the basis for conducting high-level analyses like month-over-month or year-over-year calculations. Therefore, having a solid command of the basic date formulas and functions in DAX is essential. The focus of this article is to give a detailed overview of some of the […]