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3 Apps to Get the Most Out of Tableau

Dashboard visualization is data’s next big thing. Our natural processing capabilities simply work better in response to well-presented information – and programs like Tableau have soon caught on. With state-of-the art and highly operative graphics, it seems that Tableau can somehow transform big data into something beautiful to look at. But more importantly, it carries a profound capacity to source data from both cloud and hard drive units of all shapes and sizes; cross-panelling information into graphs, charts and tables in mere seconds. In turn, this has dramatically affected overall speed to market time by transforming input information into interactive, actionable choices. Business decisions are, therefore, met much faster.

Naturally, enterprise editions of Tableau have been in fierce competition. Many of them have built on those already astounding visuals, recognizing its key market value, added with some other serviceable functions and features along the way. Let’s explore the best ones.

1. Alteryx

Simply put, Alteryx ‘fuels your Tableau visualizations’ with a higher tier of data blending, transposing and analysis. Ultimately, it works much harder to perform data presentation for you with automated progresses, reducing the need for manual actions by the user. Alteryx has particularly impressed peers by exploring spatial, predictive and statistical analysis, easily transposed with the ease of drag/drop performability; no coding required. And it’s not afraid of handling big data or cloud data in sequence with local or hard drive data. Collaborative information becomes scalable – and far more manageable.

2. BI Connector

Self-serving data performer BI Connector seamlessly bridges the functions of Tableau and OBIEE without you needing to be an IT expert or rallying endless backlogs. In particular, it takes the sturdy security protocol from OBIEE to safeguard data as it’s being exported as well as reporting capabilities, such as publishing worksheets also with drag/drop actionability. The dashboard interface also makes collaborating your data far more flexible, and the fluidity of its navigation is not only user-friendly, but singularly pragmatic too. You can choose your service either on a server or on the desktop, but they’re equally powerful.

3. Dataiku

Dataiku enhances your ability to ‘think’ data, and again, its prominence and credibility are honed through additional visual interface. In particular, Dataiku DSS emphasized a capability on trending and predictive data, and you can opt to share out code snippets and create your own model. This program specifically caters for big data infrastructures, allowing you to quickly understand complex feature interactions and analyse coefficients. All navigated through a very palate-pleasing interface.

Ready to utilize BI Connector to easily and quickly transfer data from OBIEE to Tableau? Try BI Connector free for 30 days.

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