Connecting Tableau to OBIEE via BI Connector

Why is BI Connector the Best Tableau OBIEE Connector?

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) users have started sensing a big drawback in OBIEE – Absence of Self-service Data Visualization features.

This drawback has led users to complement OBIEE’s limitations by connecting it to modern data visualization tools such as Tableau.

Some organizations, despite moving to Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) are connecting Tableau to OAC as well, as a significant number of the users are already comfortable with Tableau, and reluctant to switch to OAC completely.

BI Connector is an ODBC-based connector for connecting Tableau to OBIEE/OAC.

In this blog post, we’ll see why is BI Connector the best Tableau OBIEE Connector. For evaluating BI Connector, first, let’s see what a Tableau OBIEE Connector user needs?

Well, a typical user connecting Tableau to OBIEE will have the 5 minimum requirements listed below:

  1. Connect Tableau to both OBIEE Subject Areas and Reports
  2. Retain the Data Relationships among the tables in OBIEE Subject Areas
  3. Connect to OBIEE both in Live and Extract queries
  4. Connect from both Tableau Desktop and Server
  5. Connector compatibility across different Tableau/OBIEE versions

BI Connector checks all these 5 must-have boxes of a Tableau OBIEE Connector. The alternatives of BI Connector, especially web data connectors (such as Unify), Oracle BI Server ODBC Driver doesn’t meet all of these requirements.

The major disadvantage of BI Connector is it has a license fee of $360/user for the desktop edition. The pricing of BI Connector server edition varies depending on the number of explorers and the number of CPU cores.

Though BI Connector comes at a cost, it is a great cost-saver when you compare the cost incurred in the OBIEE to Tableau migration or excel export/import from OBIEE to Tableau.

Hence, the pros far outweigh the cons of BI Connector, which makes it a preferred connector for enterprises. Here’s a section of companies using BI Connector, along with a few case studies.

Frankly, this post might appear biased, as we’re talking about the connector we created. We understand!

That’s why we welcome you to try BI Connector’s 30-day free trial (no credit card needed), and experience the value BI Connector brings to your analytics arsenal!

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