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BI Connector Release v4.8

BI Connector V4.8 is Released, Simplified Log Tracing And Enhanced Connection Diagnostics

We’re excited to announce the release of BI Connector V4.8. The new version includes a simple log tracing feature and a self-diagnostics feature for troubleshooting OBIEE/OAC connection issues.

Here’s a quick snapshot of these updates!

Simplified Log Tracing

Prior to 4.8, many BI Connector users were facing challenges in generating logs for reproducible issues. We have addressed this problem in the new release. The log generation process is a lot simpler now. The users will just have to click 2 buttons – Start Tracing and End Tracing to generate logs while reproducing an issue.

Once done, they’re also provided an option to zip all the log files pertaining to that event. The users can just send the zip file to BI Connector Support team, instead of manually choosing and attaching each of the files in the support portal!

Sounds cool, doesn’t it? Now let’s take a look at the steps to generate logs using the Log Tracing feature.

    Steps to Start Tracing
  1. Open the ODBC Administrator in Windows.
  2. Select the DSN that was configured using the BI Connector Driver, and click Configure.
    Configure DSN
  3. In the BI Connector pop-up window that opens up, click the gear icon at the bottom.
    BI Connector Advanced Settings
  4. In the next pop-up window that opens up, click the Start Tracing button.
    Start TracingNow you’re all set to begin the log tracing for the troubleshooting test you planned.
    Steps to End Tracing
  1. After executing the troubleshooting tests, follow the steps 1 to 3 again to open the BI Connector: Advanced Settings, and jump to the steps below.
  2. In the pop-up window that opens up, click the End Tracing button.
    End Tracing
  3. In the dialog box that opens up, click OK if you want to create a zip of the generated log files.
    Log Files Zip
  4. In the file folder that opens up, the zip file contains the log created for that event. If there were multiple zip files for different recorded events, they can be identified by the time stamp at the end of the filename. It reads as biconnector _ [date] _ [time].zip.
    Log File Name FormatNote: After completing the log generation, please make sure to click the End Tracing button to stop the log generation.

Enhanced Connection Diagnostics
Moving forward, the Connection Diagnostics feature, apart from identifying the connectivity issues with OBIEE or OAC, will also determine if the user has the required OBIEE access privileges necessary to generate reports in their favorite BI tool.

The best part is this check will be completed right in the DSN setup stage during the test connection.

If any of the access privileges required is not available for the user, a warning message like below will be displayed.
Require Access Privilege OBIEEIf this message shows up, just pass it along to your OBIEE administrator, and get the required access privileges.

Want to make the most of these updates? Download BI Connector V4.8 by clicking the Try it free button from the top right of this page!

Stay tuned, we’ve got more releases with even more exciting features and enhancements!!

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