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BI Connector New Release v5.5 Automated Online License Reactivation

BI Connector v5.5 is Released, Automated License Reactivation

From BI Connector v5.5, you can reactivate your subscription licenses automatically, if you are using an online activation.

For any software product, the end-users usually prefer a “set it and forget it” experience, in order to focus more on their core functions and increase their productivity.

BI Connector is no exception to this need. 

In recent times, we started receiving requests from the user community to automate the license reactivation after the subscription renewals. 

Once the users activate BI Connector initially and set up DSNs, they want to simply keep interacting with their OBIEE data from their preferred self-service BI platform (Tableau or Power BI) for unlocking insights. 

The only reason the users probably want to come back to the BI Connector user interface is to set up new DSNs or to manage the existing ones.

From BI Connector v5.5, after each subscription renewal, the license expiry date will get updated automatically based on the recent renewal without any manual effort from the users.

You can download the v5.5 from here and install it, in order to automate your license reactivations for your future subscription renewals! If you’re currently using v4.9 or older, please ensure to uninstall the existing version before installing v5.5.

Important Note: The automated license reactivation works only for online activations. If you’re using an offline activation, please follow the steps mentioned here, after each subscription renewal.

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