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BI Connector Beta v3.0 Launches Today!

Today we are excited to announce the availability of the beta version of BI Connector v3.0, the next generation BI data virtualization connector solution.

What’s New in BI Connector v3.0

BI connector v3.0 helps business users connect seamlessly from their favorite visual analytics tools such as Tableau and Power BI to their enterprise data in traditional BI platforms such as OBIEE.  The beta version of BI connector v3.0 introduces new BI data virtualization connectors:

  • Power BI to OBIEE Connector – Connect from Power BI to OBIEE Subject Areas and Reports

6 Reasons to Try BI Connector v3.0

Whether you are a business user or a BI manager supporting the business users, there are several reasons why you should evaluate BI connector.

BI Connector helps users:

  • Gain Four Work Days Per Month: Eliminate time spent in manual excel exports, data preparation, and laborious UAT for monthly reports and quarterly business reports.
  • Reduce Human Errors: Automate connections between Tableau or Power BI to OBIEE and eliminate human errors.
  • Get More Value From Enterprise BI Data: Spend more time analyzing data with your favorite tool and less time in data preparation.

BI Connector helps IT organizations:

  • Increase ROI From BI: Reuse years of investment in BI platforms such as OBIEE and MicroStrategy.
  • Secure Data and Enhance Governance: Reuse existing BI data governance and security model for users who are connecting from Tableau or Power BI to enterprise data.
  • Support Business NeedS: Instantly support business needs for modern visual analytics tools.

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