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BI Connector 4.10

BI Connector V4.10 is released, Non-disruptive Upgrade and Quick Navigation Options

From BI Connector’s recent release v4.10, the users can upgrade to future versions of BI Connector without manual uninstallation of the existing version. 

We’ve also made another useful update in v4.10 that allows users to access the Advanced Settings and license activation windows directly from the start menu!

Let’s take a look at these updates in detail.

Non-disruptive Upgrade

From BI Connector v4.10, the users can directly install newer versions, without going through the step of uninstalling the existing version manually. 

But that’s not all about the Upgrade Installation feature. You’ve got another great news as well! 

During the upgrade installation, the users now have the freedom to continue using their Self-service BI tools and stay connected to their OBIEE data sources through BI Connector. Yes, the upgrade installation happens behind the stage and doesn’t affect your active connectivity instances!

Note: The Upgrade Installation feature works when you’ve already installed v4.10.0 in your machine, and want to upgrade to newer versions. For more info, please refer the table below:

Existing version Upgraded version Upgrade Steps
4.10.0 or above 4.10.1 or above
  • Install upgraded version
4.9.x or below 4.10.0 or above
  • Uninstall existing version manually
  • Install upgraded version

The detailed support article for this update is here.

Quick Navigation Options

The users no longer need to search and open the ODBC administrator to navigate to BI Connector’s license activation and advanced settings windows.

Instead, just navigate to the start menu, and type  “BI Connector”. You can see the following apps in the results list:

  1. BI Connector License – Click this to directly open the license activation window to manage your BI Connector license.
  2. BI Connector Advanced Settings – Click this to directly open and configure the Advanced Settings window.

The detailed support article can be accessed here.

Want to make the most of these updates? Download BI Connector v4.10 here

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