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BI Connector New Release v4.7

BI Connector V4.7 is Released, Troubleshoot OBIEE Connection Issues Faster with Run Diagnostics

BI Connector’s recent release has an important update – The Run Diagnostics button has been added to help users troubleshoot the test connection failure with OBIEE.

The most common reasons for test connection failure

When you are attempting to connect to OBIEE, there are several scenarios that could lead to connection failure. The most common scenarios include –

  1. Wrong credentials – The username and/or password is incorrect.
  2. Unable to reach OBIEE server – Due to network proxy issues or when the OBIEE server has connectivity issues or is down.
  3. Web services disabled in OBIEE – If OBIEE’s web services are disabled, the test connection fails.
  4. OBIEE environment has Single Sign-On – If OBIEE has SSO enabled, and the URL provided in the server name field seems to be an SSO URL.

So if you face a test connection failure with OBIEE, all you need to do is just to click the Run Diagnostics button! It will open a Connection Diagnostics dialog box displaying a message with the reason for the failure, along with a solution. Hence, the users can avoid staying in the dark until our support team comes to the rescue!

How the Run Diagnostics button helps?

  1. If the test connection fails due to wrong credentials, the diagnostics displays a “login failed” message, so you can enter the right credentials again and login.
  2. Wrong-credentials

  3. In case if OBIEE server is down or has connectivity issues, a message is displayed requesting the user to contact a network administrator, and to send the BI Connector log files to our support team.
  4. Connectivity-issues-with-OBIEE

  5. If web services in OBIEE are disabled, the diagnostics button recognizes the issue, and displays a message to contact your OBIEE admin, and also to send the log files to our support team.
  6. Web-services-disabed-in-OBIEE

  7. When the URL entered in the Server name field seems to be an SSO URL (when SSO is enabled in OBIEE), a message gets displayed informing the same to the user while prompting them to send the log files to our support team.
  8. SSO-URL-entered

Note – The log files can be accessed just by clicking the Open Log Folder link in the Connection Diagnostics dialog box.

The Run Diagnostics button equips the users to identify and fix these common issues themselves, and also saves a lot of time for them.

But DON’T FORGET this..

Always ensure to click the Apply Settings button once a change is made to fix the issues identified in the connection diagnostics. This will reduce duplicated efforts and save time by helping you avoid going through the same troubleshooting process in the future sign-in attempts.

And, HELP is just an email and zoom away!

If you are still unable to connect to OBIEE, get help via email and zoom. Simply send the log files to [email protected] and a BI Connector team member will reach out within 24 hours. Usually, we will set up a zoom conference session to troubleshoot and help you move forward.

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