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BI Connector configuration with CLI

BI Connector V4.9 is Released, Configure BI Connector With Command Line Interface (CLI)

With BI Connector V4.9, users can perform a range of actions in BI Connector using the Command Line Interface (CLI).

If you’re looking for an unattended/automated configuration of BI Connector, this release is a great time-saver and efficiency-booster for you!

You’ll just need to save the required data for each command in JSON format, and start executing the commands from the CLI script.

The JSON templates for each of the commands is available in the following BI Connector installation location :
C:\Program Files\BI Connector\cli_samples

CLI Commands List
Below is the list of all actions that can be performed using the CLI.

  1. Create Data Source
  2. Get Data Source
  3. Update Data Source
  4. Delete Data Source
  5. Activate License
  6. View License
  7. Create Offline License
  8. Activate Offline License
  9. View Offline License
  10. Add Subject Area
  11. Get Subject Area
  12. Delete Subject Area
  13. Add Report
  14. Get Report
  15. Delete Report
  16. Update Advanced Settings
  17. Get Advanced Settings
  18. Test Data Source

The syntax, example command, input formats and output messages for each of these actions are recorded in the support article – BI Connector Configuration With Command Line Interface (CLI).

Curious to save the time spent in configuring BI Connector using the CLI? Download BI Connector V4.9 here!

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