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Unlocking Business Insights with Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse

Unlocking Business Insights with Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse

Data is the new oil.

To extract data and fuel a successful business, organizations need efficient tools and systems. However, organizations today often struggle to effectively collect and analyze data. They risk missing out on potential growth and making suboptimal decisions. 

This is where Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse comes in. Powered by Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) and Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, it is a SaaS-packaged content application that helps organizations derive meaningful business insights and make informed decisions. 

Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse supports analytics for data mining & preparation, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and natural language processing.

In this blog, we explore Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse, its features, use cases, and best practices. We will also look into how it can help you unlock business insights.

What is Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse

Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse is a cloud-based application to provide deep analyses from different Oracle Fusion applications

Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse is available for 

  • Oracle ERP Analytics (Netsuite) 
  • Oracle HCM (Human Capital Management) Analytics
  • Oracle CX (Customer Experience) Analytics
  • Oracle SCM (Supply Chain Management) Analytics

The application comprises data pipelining, data warehousing, semantic models, and best practice content like pre-built KPIs, dashboards, and reports. It leverages many Oracle services, including OAC, Oracle Identity Cloud Service, and Oracle Cloud IaaS Services such as Compute and Storage. 

Key features of Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse

Pre-built data model

Oracle Data Analytics Warehouse has a pre-built data model with dimensions and measures. The data model can be easily customized to meet your company’s specific requirements.

Rapid deployment

Another feature of the cloud application is its fast deployment, ensuring better performance and user experience.


Different customization options via well-defined interfaces are available to make the application personalized for organizational needs.

Extensible components 

Oracle offers multiple extensible components that users can choose from and allows external data sources such as Salesforce.

Data security

The application includes security layers to protect data from unauthorized access and misuse. Users can manage and configure access to subject areas and data, ensuring enhanced security.

Business Insights with Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse

Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse provides a holistic view of business processes and operations by analyzing data from multiple sources. Here are some insights you can extract from the application to enhance productivity.

Sales performance

This application allows you to analyze sales data and gain insights into sales performance. For instance, identify best-selling products or trends in sales for a given time. This information can be utilized to optimize sales strategies and improve sales performance efficiently. 

Customer experience

Fusion Analytics Warehouse can also help understand customer behavior, including factors influencing customer loyalty and product interactions. These insights can be used to improve customer experience and drive better engagement.


It also helps recognize spending patterns and analyze product performance, among other financial information. This helps to optimize costs and improve profits.

Workforce planning

Attracting and retaining talent is a crucial business process. With insights from Oracle HCM Analytics, you can assess talent gaps, risks, and supply and create an optimal workforce. 

Get started with Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse

Sign in to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console

Users should sign into the Console using account credentials after activating the Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse subscription. You can then visit the service pages to create, manage, and view resources.

Create an instance for Fusion Analytics Warehouse

Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse provisions instances of Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse to store data. Once this is set up and verified via mail, users can create and associate users and groups to get started.

Configure data security

Fusion Analytics Warehouse enables security configuration to protect sensitive data from misuse. Access to subject areas and data can be given based on the roles assigned to the users.

Configure data

Users should specify the data load and reporting configuration details and create data pipelines for functional areas. It helps to determine how the source data from Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications are loaded and displayed in the data warehouse.

Best practices for unlocking valuable insights

Here are some tips for leveraging the maximum potential of Fusion Analytics Warehouse:

  • Ensure Data quality

It’s essential to ensure data consistency and quality for analysis. The process involves cleaning and validating the data to make sure the data is accurate.

  • Optimize data integration

To integrate data seamlessly into Fusion Analytics Warehouse, it’s a good practice to automate the integration processes.

  • Customized data model

Customizing data models to meet your company’s specific needs can help derive meaningful insights. You can add new measures/dimensions or modify existing data.

  • Regulatory compliance

Implement proactive security measures and comply with data privacy regulations to protect your data.

Use cases of Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse

Fusion Analytics Warehouse is used across multiple industries to extract data insights and make informed decisions. Here are some examples:


For utilities and energy providers, preventing and recovering from outages is crucial. Organizations can improve operational performance and reduce revenue loss. 

For instance, data from sensors and meters can be used to understand power usage and equipment performance.


Healthcare providers can analyze patient data collected from EHR records and billing receipts. This can be used to identify patient health parameters and optimize care.


Organizations can collect data from point-of-sales systems and customer loyalty programs within the retail industry. You can identify product sales trends and optimize the supply chain by feeding the data to Fusion Analytics Warehouse.


The Oracle application help collect and analyze data from different systems and equipment in the production and sales processes. Organizations can optimize inventory management and improve efficiency within their production process.


Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse is a powerful, cloud-based application used to derive valuable insights and make informed decisions. It collects data from Oracle Fusion Applications such as Oracle ERP, HCM, SCM, and CX. 

The key features of Fusion Analytics Warehouse include pre-built data models, rapid deployment, extensible components, and personalization options. 

The application helps uncover meaningful business insights, including sales performance, customer experience, financial performance, and workforce. 

With a myriad of benefits, Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse is used across multiple industries, including utility, healthcare, and manufacturing. 

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