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BI Connector V4.1 is Released, Connect from Power BI Cloud to OBIEE

BI Connector V4.1  

Over at BI Connector, our goal is to give you the best experience when visualizing OBIEE data. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that BI Connector v4.1 is released!

Connect Power BI Cloud to OBIEE using On-Premise Gateway

BI Connector now allows you to connect from Power BI Cloud to OBIEE using Power BI on-premise gateway. Power BI is a cloud service that sits in the Microsoft data center and by default does not have the ability to connect to OBIEE data in your environment. In order to do so, you need the Power BI Gateway and BI Connector Server Edition. As a result, you may now get data from your on-premise OBIEE or Oracle Analytics Cloud onto your Power BI for creating reports and dashboards.

By being able to connect Power BI Cloud to OBIEE, you can now generate intuitive Power BI visualizations in minutes using OBIEE data with the help of BI Connector. In addition, Power BI Gateway supports a multi-developer environment allowing BI admins to create gateways so other BI developers can use that specific gateway for their reports or dashboard. On-premise gateway also supports a number of connections; import data, schedule refresh, DirectQuery, and Live Connection.

To download the latest version of BI Connector for Power BI, click here now and start visualizing!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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