Connecting Power BI to OBIEE: How BI Connector Bridges the Gap?

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Connecting Power BI to OBIEE via BI Connector

Organizations using OBIEE are adopting the bimodal analytics approach to effectively complement the data visualization limitations in OBIEE with self-service analytics tools like Power BI.

Some organizations have even switched to Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) but still want to connect Power BI to OAC, as a significant number of users (who are already well-acquainted with Power BI) prefer to do so.

In this blog post, we’ll see the pros and cons of connecting Power BI to OBIEE using BI Connector.

First, let’s see what is BI Connector.

What’s BI Connector

BI Connector is a purpose-built connector for integrating OBIEE data sources with modern visualization tools like Power BI, Tableau, and Qlik. BI Connector helps to effectively complement the data visualization limitations of OBIEE with advanced visualization tools in a bimodal approach.

From a technical standpoint, BI Connector is an ODBC driver and connects to both OBIEE Subject Areas and Reports DSNs.

BI Connector (Power BI certified) converts Power BI queries into OBIEE queries, and fetches the underlying data from OBIEE into Power BI. BI Connector comes in 2 editions:

  1. Desktop edition for Power BI Desktop
  2. Server edition for Power BI Service

Now let’s dive into the pros and cons of BI Connector.

Pros of BI Connector

With BI Connector, the users can connect to OBIEE Subject Areas and Reports DSNs in both Direct Query and Import modes. As BI Connector retains the joins and aggregations in OBIEE, there’s no need for the user to recreate them in Power BI.

BI Connector is battle-tested, and can handle union reports and reports with subqueries in OBIEE without any hassle. BI Connector consistently ensures the version compatibility of OBIEE (11g and 12c) and Power BI, in order to keep up with the monthly Power BI updates.

As mentioned earlier, BI Connector is available in both Desktop and Server editions for connecting Power BI Desktop and Service seamlessly to OBIEE. BI Connector supports scheduled refresh via the On-premise Gateway.

BI Connector meets all the criteria mentioned in the 5 must-have requirements of a Power BI to OBIEE connector.

Here’s a pictorial representation of how BI Connector connects Power BI to OBIEE:

Connecting Power BI to OBIEE or OAC via BI Connector

Got questions regarding Data Security? Here’s a whitepaper explaining the security aspects of BI Connector.

Cons of BI Connector

The only disadvantage of BI Connector is it comes at a license fee of $360/user/year for the desktop edition. The cost for the server edition depends on the number of CPU cores in the On-premise Gateway server.

BI Connector Free Trial

BI Connector provides the easiest and quickest way to supercharge your OBIEE data with Power BI visualizations.

You may want to try the 30-day fully-featured free trial of BI Connector.

Check out the Power BI to OBIEE Connector for more info!