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Tableau OBIEE Challenges and Solutions

Connecting Tableau to OBIEE: Challenges and Solutions

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) is a traditional BI platform used by large enterprises even today.

Though OBIEE is great for maintaining a single source of truth, it falls far short of the end-user expectations in terms of self-service data visualization.

Many companies are addressing this problem by complementing OBIEE with a data visualization tool such as Tableau.

A few companies have taken the path of migrating to Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) or Oracle Analytics Server (OAS) to address OBIEE’s data visualization limitations. However, most of these companies connect Tableau to OAC and OAS as well, due to user preferences.

In this blog post, we’ll take a brief look at the different challenges in connecting Tableau to OBIEE (and OAC/OAS), and the solutions, of course!

Challenges in Connecting Tableau to OBIEE

When connecting Tableau to OBIEE, you have to ensure the connector works in all the following scenarios:

  1. Should work in both data sources could be OBIEE Subject Areas and Reports
  2. Connect in both Live and Extract modes of Tableau
  3. Support connectivity from both Tableau Desktop and Server
  4. Retain your OBIEE joins and aggregations for reuse in Tableau
  5. Compatibility with the OBIEE/Tableau versions you use
  6. Should connect Tableau to OAC and OAS as well (in case your organization is migrating to one of them)

BI Connector is the only connector meeting all the criteria mentioned above!

9 Best Practices for Connecting Tableau to OBIEE

We, at BI Connector, have interacted with 100s of customers and curated 9 best practices for connecting Tableau to OBIEE.

When you connect Tableau to OBIEE via BI Connector, the 9 best practices will help you unlock the true potential of your OBIEE data with Tableau’s self-service data visualizations!

The best practices will also help you avoid HTTP time-out and optimize query performance.

We’ve put the best practices in the free eBook, 9 Best practices for Connecting Tableau to OBIEE.

Check it out today, and enjoy hassle-free OBIEE data visualization with Tableau.

Connecting Tableau to OBIEE OAC OAS Best Practices

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