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How To Fix Data Mismatch in Power BI When Creating New Measure Columns Using OBIEE Data

If you’re loading OBIEE data in Power BI via Direct Query using BI Connector, you may face data mismatch issues when adding a new measure column in the Power BI environment. This blog post is to help you fix the mismatch.

Before we jump into the solution, let’s first understand how BI Connector works, and why the mismatch occurs.

    How BI Connector Works
    When a visual is created in the Power BI environment, it generates a query in the back-end to fetch the required data from the source (which is OBIEE). BI Connector, in turn, transforms this query into OBIEE query language, and fetches the required data from OBIEE. This data is then provided back to Power BI to show up in the visual.

    Reason For The Data Mismatch
    If a calculated column is created in the Power BI environment, the column exists only in the Power BI end, and is non-existent in the data source – OBIEE environment. Hence, the data mismatch occurs.

    The Solution
    The solution is simple and straight-forward. Just create the calculated column in the corresponding folder in OBIEE’s Business layer, and connect via Direct Query again from Power BI.

    Refer this Oracle resource on creating and managing logical columns to learn the steps for creating a derived column in OBIEE.

    After the calculated column is created in the data source, the mismatch issue will be eliminated.

Want to visualize OBIEE data (including the derived/calculated columns) in Power BI with ease?

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