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Free & General Availability of Oracle Analytics Cloud Connectors


BI Connector has released the general availability of FREE OAC Connectors for Power BI & Tableau.

OAC users can now visualize OAC Subject Areas and Reports with real-time data access for FREE!

Learn how to get started for efficient analytics.

How to Get Started with FREE BI Connector?

Connecting Oracle Analytics Cloud to data visualization tools has never been easier.

BI Connector is easy to start and simple to use. The entire process only takes a few minutes.

Visualize OAC Data using BI Connector in just three steps.

1. Download BI Connector

Select your Self-service tool for your OAC Data Source and Download BI Connector – Desktop Edition

2. Complete Installation & Configuration

With minimal setup and configuration, connect OAC to Power BI or Tableau.

Connect Power BI to OAC

Connect Tableau to OAC

3. Visualize OAC With Power BI or Tableau


  1. Connect to your OAC data source from Tableau or Power BI by selecting BI Connector
  2. Select data connectivity mode as Import or DirectQuery (or Live or Extract in Tableau)
  3. Enter the OAC Username and Password. 
  4. Then select Database, Schema, and Table just like it’s done for any other data source.

What’s New in Oracle Analytics Cloud connectors?

1. FREE Desktop Edition

A new pricing plan now enables OAC users to get BI Connector Desktop Edition for FREE

Additionally, the desktop edition is free for a lifetime.

There are no hidden conditions or contracts. 

This plan is highly suitable for data analysts, developers, and super users.

2. Efficient Features 

The FREE desktop edition has efficient functionalities for your analytical needs. 

Power BI

  • Direct query from Power BI Desktop to OAC
  • Import to Power BI Desktop from OAC

Direct Query and Import are two ways you can make the data connection in Power BI.

  • Direct Query retrieves data directly from the data source, at the query time.
  • Import captures a snapshot of your data and caches it in Power BI Desktop. 


  • Live connection from Tableau Desktop to OAC
  • Extract to Tableau Desktop from OAC

Live connection and Extract are two ways you can make the data connection to the tableau. 

  • Live allows you real-time data. 
  • Extracts data needs to be refreshed from time to time to get the updated data.

3. Easy to Scale

With BI Connector, you can easily scale to server edition for additional functionalities. 

BI Connector Server Edition provides a seamless connection from Power BI/Tableau server and cloud edition to OAC.

Our dedicated will help you switch to Server Edition as per your analytics needs.

End Note

Though OAC has better data visualization capabilities when compared to OBIEE, the users are more inclined to Power BI or Tableau.

BI Connector now helps you connect both worlds for FREE!

Get started with BI Connector for visualizing OAC with Power BI or Tableau.

If you’re a Power BI user, you may also want to Compare BI Connector vs OAC Connector and see why BI Connector offers more benefits than Oracle’s own connector for Power BI to OAC.. 

Connect Power BI or Tableau to

Get the Free Connector

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