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OBIEE Tableau Connector, Configure Oracle BI Server(OBIEE) to Tableau

How to configure Tableau to connect to Oracle BI Server(OBIEE) and joins in Tableau

We saw how to install BI Connector for Oracle BI Server (OBIEE) in the previous blog. With BI Connector, Tableau users can connect to their OBIEE subject areas in a matter of minutes.

If you have access to subject areas through Answers or Analysis then you can use Tableau to visualize data from OBIEE.

Now let’s see how to make joins and load the subject area into Tableau.

Open Tableau and look for More Sources and connect to Other Databases (ODBC).

BI connector - Configure ODBC server connection to Tableau

Configuring a connection from Tableau to Oracle BI Server (OBIEE)

Pick the ODBC DSN that you just created. This will pop up the BI Connector window. Here verify the server name, port and username and enter your password.

Test the connection and click OK. Click OK again.

Now, you will be taken to the Tableau data sources page.

BI connector - Tableau data source page after ODBC connection

Tableau Data Sources UI

In the Database drop down you would see all the subject areas that your OBIEE security allows. In other words the same list of subject areas that you see in OBIEE you should see in Tableau. In this case we select “Samples Sales Lite” subjet area.

Pick the selected subject area in the Schema by hitting the search button. In the Table list hit the search button, it will show the folders in the subject area. So, folders in OBIEE have become tables in Tableau. Pick the Fact table first by double clicking on it. Pick the dimensions that you need.

A unique innovation of BI Connector is that you don’t need to do any further joins that Tableau normally needs. BI Connector takes care of the joins behind the scene.

We recommend not clicking on the Update Now button if you have a large number of records in your subject area.

That’s it you are done, its time to visualize the data in the worksheet.

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