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How to Connect Power BI to OBIEE and OAC [Without Costly Re-engineering]

When visualizing OBIEE/Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) Subject Areas and Reports in Power BI, the users most often experience hiccups in establishing a seamless connectivity from Power BI to OBIEE/Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC).

The manual process of exporting and importing data from OBIEE to Power BI is cumbersome. On top of that, the users also spend a huge amount of time again in blending OBIEE data with data from other data sources.

The users typically end up spending an average of 4 to 5 hours every week in the overhead activities (export/import and mash-up), which when monetized roughly estimates to a productivity loss of $10000/user/year.

On the other hand, the re-engineering option to create the complex schema, joins, aggregations and reports (created with years of efforts in OBIEE) in Power BI from the scratch roughly costs more than $250,000 in new investment, and takes about 5 months/Subject Area.

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Here, the real challenge is to establish a seamless connectivity (while avoiding costly re-engineering) that works well in all combination of possibilities in terms of:

  • Power BI Client – Desktop or Service
  • Connectivity method – Import or Direct Query
  • OBIEE Data Source type – Subject Areas or Reports
  • Oracle BI Versions – OBIEE 10g or 11g or 12c or OAC

We, at BI Connector did a webinar on the topic – 7 Tips and Tricks for Connecting Power BI to OBIEE and OAC.

In the webinar, we shared 7 simple, proven tips and tricks we identified with our extensive experience helping many enterprise clients connect their modern data viz. tools to OBIEE/OAC data sources.

This webinar is of great use for:

  • Organizations facing hurdles in creating visualizations in OBIEE, and considering to switch to Power BI
  • Data Analysts and BI users experiencing hiccups to visualize OBIEE/OAC data in Power BI
  • BI Developers attempting to connect Power BI to OBIEE through ODBC
  • BI Connector trial users visualizing OBIEE data in Power BI

Here’s the webinar recording!

Want to apply these tips and experience a hassle-free visualization of Oracle BI data in Power BI?

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