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Mash-up OBIEE Data

Mash-up sales revenue data in OBIEE and revised target revenue in CSV file with Tableau using BI connector

The Blue Bell Company uses Oracle BI(OBIEE) to store the sales revenue and sales planning data.  The Blue Bell team likes the meta data management capabilities of OBIEE.  The sales team likes the ease and simplicity of Tableau.  They are using BI connector to connect to OBIEE with Tableau.

For one of the territories – Blue Bell sales management has provided a revised target revenue. The data has been provided in a comma separated value (CSV) file.   Meg, the VP of Sales asks Mark, the Sales Analyst in her office, to prepare a report comparing the revenue data in OBIEE to the target revenue for this territory from the CSV file while comparing against the target revenue for other territories from OBIEE.  

So, how can Mark bring together data from OBIEE and CSV file into a single report?

In the past, the only way for Mark to do such an analysis was to export data from OBIEE into Excel and then manipulating it in Excel based on the revised target revenue.  But, thanks to BI connector,  Mark does not have to go through this hassle anymore.   Mark connected directly to OBIEE with Tableau using BI connector and mashed-up the sales revenue data in OBIEE with the revised target revenue data in CSV file.  Mark was able to generate the Revenue vs. Target Revenue Comparison Report in minutes for his VP of sales.

See the video for how Mark did the mash-up:


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