The Challenges in Connecting Power BI to OBIEE and How to Overcome Them?

Many organizations using Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) complement its data visualization limitations with a self-service analytics tool such as Power BI.

Connecting Power BI to OBIEE in an automated way is the best way to tackle OBIEE’s limitations with Power BI successfully, as manual data export/import via Excel is cumbersome.

Challenges in connecting Power BI to OBIEE

When connecting Power BI to OBIEE, the first question to ask is if you’re using the right Power BI OBIEE Connector.

The connector must meet the below criteria at the minimum:

  1. Connect to both OBIEE Subject Areas and Reports
  2. Retain OBIEE joins
  3. Support both Import and Direct Query modes
  4. Compatible with both Power BI Desktop and Server
  5. Eliminate Power BI/OBIEE version compatibility issues

You can learn in detail about each of these criteria in the blog post about the 5 things to consider when you choose a Power BI OBIEE Connector.

Enjoy hassle-free visualization of OBIEE data in Power BI. Connect OBIEE/OAC/OAS and Power BI with the Power BI certified BI Connector.

9 Best Practices for Connecting Power BI to OBIEE

Once you choose the right connector, you’re already more than halfway through! The remaining part is all about following the best practices for connecting Power BI to OBIEE.

The 9 best practices are both for the IT and end-user community. It hardly takes 30 minutes to learn the 9 best practices, and see them in action!

We, at BI Connector, interacted with 100s of BI Connector users and curated these best practices for helping users to:

  1. Get familiarized with OBIEE data and improve their data literacy
  2. Troubleshoot connectivity issues in DIY mode
  3. Optimize query performance by adjusting 4 simple parameters
  4. Retain your OBIEE Subject Area joins in simple steps
  5. Eliminate data mismatch issues and HTTP timeout errors

Curious to know the best practices? Well, here are they!

Best practices Power BI OBIEE Connectivity

Watch the tutorial covering the 9 best practices with demos, and experience hassle-free visualization of your OBIEE data with Power BI.