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Can OBIEE Replaced?

Recording and Slides of “Can you replace OBIEE with Tableau?”

We had a great audience for the inaugural BI connector webinar on “Can you replace OBIEE with Tableau?”.   A big thank you to everyone who were able to participate in the webinar.   The questions and discussions in the Q&A session were thoughtful and added tremendous value to the webinar audience.

There were a number of OBIEE and Tableau Professionals who signed up for the webinar but could not attend.  You can view the webinar recording and download the slides from the link below.

I have summarized the key takeaways from the webinar below:

  • Recognize that you need two kinds of BI Tools in today’s business environment
    • OBIEE
      • Stable requirements
      • Large data models,
      • Security – Driven by IT
    • Tableau
      • Data discovery
      • Visualization,
      • Mash-ups
      • Transient data – Business user friendly
  • Combine, not replace OBIEE with Tableau
    • Best of both worlds
    • Win-Win for business and IT
  • BI connector can help you achieve the above goal quickly and efficiently.

In the next blog article, we will focus specifically on the excellent questions that were posed by the audience.  Until then, let us know what you think about the webinar.


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