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Configure DSN for BI Connector, BI Connector Installation

Steps to install BI connector for OBIEE

BI connector for OBIEE enables Tableau users to connect to their Oracle BI Server(OBIEE) subject areas in a matter of minutes. The beauty of the solution is that there is no change needed on the OBIEE side.

If you have access to subject areas through Answers or Analysis then you can use Tableau to visualize data from OBIEE.

But first, let’s see how to install BI connector.

  1. First, download the BI connector for OBIEE executable to your desktop and then run it.
  2. Read through the EULA and accept it and hit next.

BI connector - Installer wizard window

The installation will complete in a few seconds.

The next step is to configure an ODBC DSN to connect to your OBIEE environment.

BI connector - Enter Oracle BI Server connection information in creating a new data source window

Now, let’s take a look at your OBIEE URL.



Server = http://guidanztabobi1.cloudapp.net

Port = 9704

Copy the server name, which is everything before the colon port or /analytics if there is no port in your URL. In this case, there is a port so copy http://guidanztab01.cloudapp.net and paste into server field. If it is https:// in your case use that.

In the port field copy the port from your URL and paste it there. If there is no port in your URL use 80 if the URL has http:// and 443 if the URL has https://

Enter your OBIEE username and password now and test your connection.

Now enter the 14-day trial license key provided to you.  That’s it, you are done installing and configuring BI connector for OBIEE.

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