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Tableau certified BI Connector plugin for OBIEE, OAC and OAS

Tableau Certified BI Connector Plugin (Beta Version) is Available Now!

Businesses of all sizes rely on Tableau to meet their BI and Analytics needs.

The 3 major reasons for the wide adoption of Tableau is its data visualizations, user-friendliness, and connectivity to a wide variety of data sources.

In fact, Tableau offers connectivity to traditional BI platforms such as Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) as well.

Most users connecting Tableau to OBIEE are using BI Connector.

BI Connector is an ODBC (64-bit) driver used for connecting advanced Analytics platforms such as Tableau, Power BI, and Qlik to the traditional platform, OBIEE (and Oracle Analytics Cloud, Oracle Analytics Server as well).

Until now, the users connecting Tableau to OBIEE via BI Connector relied on Tableau’s native ODBC connector to connect to the DSNs they created using the BI Connector driver.

However, we at BI Connector created our own plugin recently and got it certified by Tableau.

The plugin, BI Connector by Guidanz, is in beta phase now, and will move to general availability soon!

The prerequisites from the BI Connector and Tableau siders to try the plugin are:

  1. BI Connector v5.6 or above for both Desktop and Server editions
  2. Tableau v2019.4 or above

The plugin works seamlessly with both Tableau Desktop and Server clients, and will not affect the reports you already created using the native ODBC connector.

However, you can use Tableau’s Replace Data Source option at any time, and replace the native ODBC with the BI Connector plugin.

You can install the plugin in both Desktop and Server machines, based on your needs by referring to the simple steps here.

Your BI Connector license key will remain the same, and the same key can be used to connect to your OAC and OAS data sources as well! You may refer to the FAQ page for more info.

Below are the articles with the specific steps for connecting Tableau Desktop/Server to OBIEE Subject Areas/Reports via the BI Connector plugin:

Connect Tableau Desktop to OBIEE Subject Areas
Connect Tableau Desktop to OBIEE Reports
Connect Tableau Server to OBIEE Subject Areas
Connect Tableau Server to OBIEE Reports

You’re welcome to try the plugin and provide your feedback by filling out this simple form!

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