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The 80/20 Rule for Connecting Power BI to OBIEE and OAC

When connecting Power BI to OBIEE or Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC), the users deal with many issues like: Users unfamiliar about how OBIEE data is organized Connectivity showstoppers Data Mismatch OBIEE Time-out errors Number of rows exported exceeding the limit set in OBIEE Missing data relationships Poor performance etc. Some of these issues have the […]

Tableau to OBIEE: Best Practices Guide for Users

Should I use Live Query or Extract when I connect from Tableau to OBIEE ?  How can I load the OBIEE metadata faster?  What happens if I press the “Update Now” button for an OBIEE data source?  How can I minimize the number of round trip queries from Tableau to OBIEE during ad-hoc analysis? When […]