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Organizations today want to stay informed when it boils down to allowing data access to a third-party solution. The trial users evaluating BI Connector’s Power BI to OBIEE connector have frequently enquired about the reference architecture to analyze the connectivity between Power BI to OBIEE through BI Connector. BI Connector team has always been transparent […]

If you’re loading OBIEE data in Power BI via Direct Query using BI Connector, you may face data mismatch issues when adding a new measure column in the Power BI environment. This blog post is to help you fix the mismatch. Before we jump into the solution, let’s first understand how BI Connector works, and […]

BI Connector V4.1   Over at BI Connector, our goal is to give you the best experience when visualizing OBIEE data. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that BI Connector v4.1 is released! Connect Power BI Cloud to OBIEE using On-Premise Gateway BI Connector now allows you to connect from Power BI Cloud to OBIEE […]