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The Top 4 Data Lake Tools for 2021

Data Lakes – The term unofficially means the freedom to store all data in their raw formats and structures.  Data lakes save the cost as well when implemented in the cloud, all while avoiding the hardware management headache! Hence, businesses are increasingly tapping into Data Lakes to uncover hidden insights and gain a competitive edge […]

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What’s the Difference?

Businesses today generate data almost every moment.  Data is not only generated in internal business systems, but also from external systems such as social media platforms, IoT devices, public data, etc. Hence, Data management is mission-critical for every organization in today’s fast-paced business environment.  A solid data management practice is essential not only for adding […]

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In 2021, it’s quite uncommon to find a successful business without a stable data warehouse in production. Gone are the days when data warehousing provided a competitive edge for businesses. It is now a necessity for business survival rather than a source of competitive edge. Many businesses with a data warehouse are focused on creating […]

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