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The concept of Data Warehousing, though decades old, still remains a tough problem to solve for most organizations. The ever-evolving customer needs, touchpoints, regulatory requirements, along with other business dynamics have proved that organizations must maintain and upgrade the Data Warehouses regularly. No organization can ever claim their data warehouse is ‘all-set’ or use it […]

Businesses today generate data almost every moment.  Data is not only generated in internal business systems, but also from external systems such as social media platforms, IoT devices, public data, etc. Hence, Data management is mission-critical for every organization in today’s fast-paced business environment.  A solid data management practice is essential not only for adding […]

The Pros and Cons of DIY With more people data coding than ever before – and many learning at home – intelligence auditing has become a more voluminous industry than ever before. On the darker side, it’s also become one that’s induced patchy self-made programs which can not only be defeasible, but potentially dangerous to […]

According to Information Age, artificial intelligence is soon set to far outweigh slower manual services that humans provide: 2017 is set to be the year of automation. In particular, administrative and reporting work have been sought out as two of the top industries in which automated processes have seen more efficient and profitable results in comparison […]

For several years Tableau users have wanted a way to connect to OBIEE and visualize the data or mashup OBIEE data with other external data.  Before BI connector became available and made it as easy as pie, Tableau users were presented with two options – download the data from OBIEE reports and import it into Tableau or connect […]