3 Apps to Get the Most Out of Tableau

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Dashboard visualization is data’s next big thing. Our natural processing capabilities simply work better in response to well-presented information – and programs like Tableau have soon caught on. With state-of-the art and highly operative graphics, it seems that Tableau can somehow transform big data into something beautiful to look at. But more importantly, it carries […]

Say Hello from Tableau 10 to OBIEE with BI connector v2.2.4

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Tableau 10 - OBIEE - BI connector dashboard

The wait is over!  Get ready to fire up your Tableau 10 and connect to OBIEE. We are excited to announce the availability of BI connector v2.2.4.   BI connector v2.2.4 provides seamless access from Tableau 10 to your most valuable Customer, People, Financial, and Supply Chain data sources in OBIEE Subject Areas and Reports.   Of course, […]

7 Best Practices to become Tableau Ninja for OBIEE

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7 Best Practices to become Tableau Ninja for OBIEE

OBIEE   – Users struggle with it, try really hard to learn and use it, and eventually give up because of its complexity! But organizations love its meta data model, security model, and the governance it provides. Tableau – Users love it, find it easy to learn, and several have become Visualization Ninjas and Zen Masters by learning […]

Can OBIEE Replaced?

We had a great audience for the inaugural BI connector webinar on “Can you replace OBIEE with Tableau?”.   A big thank you to everyone who were able to participate in the webinar.   The questions and discussions in the Q&A session were thoughtful and added tremendous value to the webinar audience. There were a number of […]

Webinar: Can you replace OBIEE with Tableau?

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Webinar: Can OBIEE Replaced

How do you fix your OBIEE platform’s shortcomings? This is the mystery that several organizations with OBIEE deployments are trying to figure out. I hope you will join me on January 13, 2016 for “Can you replace OBIEE with Tableau?” where I will discuss the options for addressing OBIEE challenges quickly and efficiently using Tableau. […]

native ODBC Driver

How does BI connector compare to the native ODBC driver that comes with OBIEE?  Why should you use BI connector rather than the OBIEE ODBC driver to connect from Tableau to OBIEE?  These are valid questions asked by some of the BI Architects that we have spoken with.   After learning about the difference between the […]

Connect Tableau to Data Warehouse

For several years Tableau users have wanted a way to connect to OBIEE and visualize the data or mashup OBIEE data with other external data.  Before BI connector became available and made it as easy as pie, Tableau users were presented with two options – download the data from OBIEE reports and import it into Tableau or connect […]

Mash-up OBIEE Data

The Blue Bell Company uses Oracle BI(OBIEE) to store the sales revenue and sales planning data.  The Blue Bell team likes the meta data management capabilities of OBIEE.  The sales team likes the ease and simplicity of Tableau.  They are using BI connector to connect to OBIEE with Tableau. For one of the territories – Blue […]

Blend OBIEE subject areas with Tableau using BI connector

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Blend OBIEE Subject Areas using Tableau

Your Sales VP has asked you to prepare a report comparing the Revenue against Target Revenue by Products and Office. And she wants the report within 15 minutes for a meeting with the board! She doesn’t know that your data resides in OBIEE and that you have the data in two subjects areas, one for Sales data […]

Visualizing OBIEE data in Tableau Desktop

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OBIEE Subject Area in Tableau, Extract OBIEE Data

In the two previous blogs, we looked at how to install and connect to OBIEE subject area in Tableau using BI Connector within a matter of minutes, without any changes to OBIEE and without any help from your IT. Now, let’s see how the OBIEE subject area folders look like in the worksheet. We saw […]