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Webinar: Can you replace OBIEE with Tableau?

How do you fix your OBIEE platform’s shortcomings? This is the mystery that several organizations with OBIEE deployments are trying to figure out. I hope you will join me on January 13, 2016 for “Can you replace OBIEE with Tableau?” where I will discuss the options for addressing OBIEE challenges quickly and efficiently using Tableau. […]

How does BI connector compare to native ODBC driver for connecting from Tableau to Oracle BI?

How does BI connector compare to the native ODBC driver that comes with OBIEE?  Why should you use BI connector rather than the OBIEE ODBC driver to connect from Tableau to OBIEE?  These are valid questions asked by some of the BI Architects that we have spoken with.   After learning about the difference between the […]

3 Reasons why connecting from Tableau to the Data Warehouse Tables behind OBIEE is a Bad Idea

For several years Tableau users have wanted a way to connect to OBIEE and visualize the data or mashup OBIEE data with other external data.  Before BI connector became available and made it as easy as pie, Tableau users were presented with two options – download the data from OBIEE reports and import it into Tableau or connect […]

How to configure Tableau to connect to Oracle BI Server(OBIEE) and joins in Tableau

We saw how to install BI Connector for Oracle BI Server (OBIEE) in the previous blog. With BI Connector, Tableau users can connect to their OBIEE subject areas in a matter of minutes. If you have access to subject areas through Answers or Analysis then you can use Tableau to visualize data from OBIEE. Now […]