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The 80-20 Rule for Connecting Power BI to OBIEE and OAC

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80-20 rule

When connecting Power BI to OBIEE or Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC), the users deal with many issues like: Data Mismatch OBIEE Time-out errors Missing data relationships Poor performance etc. Some of these issues have the potential to become showstoppers too. But wait! The good news is… When you apply the Pareto’s principle, which is widely […]

Connecting Power BI to OBIEE via BI Connector

Organizations using OBIEE are adopting the bimodal analytics approach to effectively complement the data visualization limitations in OBIEE with self-service analytics tools like Power BI. Some organizations have even switched to Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) but still want to connect Power BI to OAC, as a significant number of users (who are already well-acquainted with […]

Connect and Synchronize

If OBIEE is the only platform in your organization’s analytics stack, you may be looking for modernizing OBIEE with a self-service data visualization platform such as Power BI. The following ways are available for modernizing OBIEE with Power BI: OBIEE to Power BI Migration Power BI and OBIEE Integration Let’s take a closer look at […]

Connecting Power BI to OBIEE via Oracle BI Server ODBC Driver

Organizations using OBIEE have started sensing a vacuum due to the absence of self-service data visualization capabilities in these platforms. With the introduction of self-service BI platforms like Power BI in recent years, organizations using OBIEE are looking for a way to integrate these modern viz. tools with OBIEE. The IT teams usually evaluate the […]

Organizations are integrating modern visualization tools like Power BI with OBIEE for effectively complementing the self-service data visualization gaps in OBIEE. Apart from ODBC Drivers, the other option available for connecting Power BI to OBIEE is Web Data Connectors. In this blog post, we’ll see what is a Web Data Connector, and explore the pros […]

Power BI to OBIEE Connector

Organizations complement the data visualization limitations of OBIEE and Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) by connecting these platforms with modern visualization tools like Power BI using the bimodal analytics approach. There are 3 options for integrating Power BI with OBIEE: Oracle BI Server ODBC Driver BI Connector Web Data Connectors Let’s take a quick look at […]

5 Must-haves for Power BI to OBIEE Connectors

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power bi to obiee

The data visualization process in OBIEE and Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) is cumbersome. Hence, many organizations are using modern visualization tools such as Power BI to complement OBIEE’s data visualization limitations. Organizations using OBIEE adopt a bimodal analytics approach for successfully leveraging the best of both worlds – OBIEE and Power BI. Hence, the need […]

Power BI to OBIEE

When visualizing OBIEE/Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) Subject Areas and Reports in Power BI, the users most often experience hiccups in establishing a seamless connectivity from Power BI to OBIEE/Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC). The manual process of exporting and importing data from OBIEE to Power BI is cumbersome. On top of that, the users also spend […]

BI Connector V4.1   Over at BI Connector, our goal is to give you the best experience when visualizing OBIEE data. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that BI Connector v4.1 is released! Connect Power BI Cloud to OBIEE using On-Premise Gateway BI Connector now allows you to connect from Power BI Cloud to OBIEE […]

7 best practices of connecting power bi to obiee

Looking to connect Power BI to OBIEE and using it as your primary visualization tool? If your organization uses OBIEE 11g or 12c as the enterprise data warehouse and reporting platform, it is almost certain that you’d be spending hours and days every month moving data from OBIEE into your favorite tool. An average user […]