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How to Setup Deployment Pipelines in Power BI?

Do you have a standardized Power BI release process dealing with Development, UAT, and Production environments?  If yes, you have probably dealt with the pain of syncing the Power BI content in different environments. Most Power BI Developers deal with one or more pre-live environments with dummy datasets to ensure the reports and dashboards work […]

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Power BI: The Jumpstart Guide for Beginners

What is Power BI? Power BI is Microsoft’s BI and Analytics platform. It is the most widely used data visualization tool and has penetrated into almost all industries and geographies, in less than a decade. Power BI, due to its affordability, drastically increased the user base for data visualization tools. The new normal is that […]

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Power BI for Enterprise Reporting:
6 Questions to Ask

Power BI is the most widely used enterprise data visualization tool. With its advanced data preparation features, self-service friendliness, and affordability, Power BI’s is rapidly penetrating the data visualization market. Businesses of all sizes use Power BI for making data-driven decisions. In this blog post, we’ll share six questions to help organizations evaluate Power BI […]

7 Exciting Power BI Updates in 2021

Businesses of all sizes, be it a conglomerate with a global footprint or a startup in a niche space, all use data visualization tools for making critical business decisions. Power BI is currently the most widely used data visualization tool. In this blog post, we’ll take a deep dive into the most critical Power BI […]

How to Setup Static and Dynamic Row Level Security (RLS)
in Power BI?

Row Level Security (RLS), simply put, is the way we restrict data presented in a report based on user login. The complexity of the RLS set up varies depending on the number of dimensions and dimension members that require security. If you have a small, fixed list of users and a static number of dimensions, […]


Data Concatenation is one of the data transformation steps used for simplifying data analytics. For data concatenation in Power BI, it is not necessary to create a separate column in your dataset for the concatenation. You can concatenate the data directly in the visuals as well. In this blog post, we’ll see the difference between […]

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How to Optimize Query Performance When Connecting Power BI to OBIEE?

When connecting Power BI to Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE), the users could encounter performance issues for certain queries. In this blog post, we’ll see how you can optimize the query performance when connecting Power BI to OBIEE (or Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) / Oracle Analytics Server (OAS) ) via BI Connector. Let’s dive […]

Modernizing OBIEE With Power BI: Here’s All You Need to Know

OBIEE is a traditional BI platform. Many organizations are using OBIEE for their BI and Analytics needs for over a decade. However, with the introduction of modern BI platforms such as Power BI in recent years, organizations have started sensing a major setback in OBIEE – Self-service data visualization. The crossroads Organizations using OBIEE and […]

Connecting Power BI to OBIEE: How BI Connector Bridges the Gap?

Organizations using OBIEE are adopting the bimodal analytics approach to effectively complement the data visualization limitations in OBIEE with self-service analytics tools like Power BI. Some organizations have even switched to Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) but still want to connect Power BI to OAC, as a significant number of users (who are already well-acquainted with […]

What’s the Best Way For Modernizing OBIEE With Power BI? Migration Or Integration?

If OBIEE is the only platform in your organization’s analytics stack, you may be looking for modernizing OBIEE with a self-service data visualization platform such as Power BI. The following ways are available for modernizing OBIEE with Power BI: OBIEE to Power BI Migration Power BI and OBIEE Integration Let’s take a closer look at […]