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Blend OBIEE subject areas with Tableau using BI connector

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Blend OBIEE Subject Areas using Tableau

Your Sales VP has asked you to prepare a report comparing the Revenue against Target Revenue by Products and Office. And she wants the report within 15 minutes for a meeting with the board! She doesn’t know that your data resides in OBIEE and that you have the data in two subjects areas, one for Sales data […]

Visualizing OBIEE data in Tableau Desktop

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OBIEE Subject Area in Tableau, Extract OBIEE Data

In the two previous blogs, we looked at how to install and connect to OBIEE subject area in Tableau using BI Connector within a matter of minutes, without any changes to OBIEE and without any help from your IT. Now, let’s see how the OBIEE subject area folders look like in the worksheet. We saw […]

Steps to install BI connector for OBIEE

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Configure DSN for BI Connector, BI Connector Installation

BI connector for OBIEE enables Tableau users to connect to their Oracle BI Server(OBIEE) subject areas in a matter of minutes. The beauty of the solution is that there is no change needed on the OBIEE side. If you have access to subject areas through Answers or Analysis then you can use Tableau to visualize […]

BI Connector - Unable to connect from Tableau to OBIEE, Connect Oracle BI Server

There is sense of frustration among the business intelligence users in the CFO office, marketing, sales, supply chain and other departments.   They adopted user friendly self-service business intelligence tools such as Tableau Desktop in a big way.   However, they hit an insurmountable wall when trying to access the corporate data securely managed in traditional business intelligence […]