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How to Get Started with BI Connector Evaluation

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BI Connector has opened a plethora of options for companies to visualize OBIEE subject areas and reports in modern visualization tools like Tableau, Power BI, or Qlik. Many leading organizations around the world have evaluated and purchased BI Connector desktop and server edition to simplify access to OBIEE data warehouse. As a BI Manager or […]

Visualize OBIEE With Tableau, Power BI, & Qlik in Minutes.

In this webinar, we discuss how you can “Save Time, Reduce Errors, and Create Visually Appealing Reports from OBIEE Subject Areas and Reports.”  There is currently an important trend that is taking place amongst many organizations who are using OBIEE as their BI reporting tool. We’re gradually seeing more businesses adopting Tableau, Power BI, and […]

BI Connector v3.7 is released

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BI Connector v3.7 is now available.  It is packed with powerful new capabilities, usability enhancements, and of course, bug fixes. What’s New: QlikSense to OBIEE BI Connector Manage Reports List Usability improvements for Tableau Extracts Introducing QlikSense to OBIEE BI Connector We are excited to announce the newest member of the BI Connector family.  The […]

Tableau to OBIEE: Best Practices Guide for Users

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Best Practices for connecting Tableau to OBIEE

Should I use Live Query or Extract when I connect from Tableau to OBIEE ?  How can I load the OBIEE metadata faster?  What happens if I press the “Update Now” button for an OBIEE data source?  How can I minimize the number of round trip queries from Tableau to OBIEE during ad-hoc analysis? When […]

Connect Tableau to MicroStrategy Reports

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BI Connector - Visualize MicroStrategy Data with Tableau

We are excited to announce the beta version of BI Connector for Tableau to MicroStrategy Reports Connector.   BI Connector allows Tableau users to shorten the time to analysis.  Users can visualize MicroStrategy data with Tableau’s intuitive UI and combine it easily with other data sources.   See a demo of BI Connector – Tableau […]

What Are the Best Data Visualization Tools for OBIEE Users?

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Looking for the best data visualization tools for your OBIEE environment? Learn what options are the best fit for your team in our 30-minute webinar on Wednesday, May 3rd at 10:00AM PDT. In this webinar, you will walk away equipped in finding the best data visualization tools for your OBIEE environment. We will cover: – […]

Top 5 Ways To Become a Tableau Ninja for OBIEE

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More and more businesses are accessing OBIEE data just as they would access a CSV or SQL database using Tableau and BI Connector. But often enough, mistakes are still occurring when creating reports and extracting OBIEE to Tableau, resulting in time-consuming labor, and often inefficient outcomes. BI Connector has transformed not only time-scaled workflow, but […]

business intelligence reporting

Dealing with the facets of a high-profile company’s entire data host is an extensive task – especially when those quarterly meetings arise every fiscal year. If you don’t possess the right tools, trying to yield business intelligence reporting from OBIEE data can be a taxing experience. Naturally, your top priority is to demonstrate perceptive acumen […]

OBIEE to Tableau: A Case Study in Action

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Educational institutions all over the world are inherently built upon the body of student information they historically and continually acquire every academic year. But without properly organized data, any information-based system hierarchy loses structure. And if the processing side is at the fate of manual handling, errors are probable, and modular structures are vulnerable to […]

Are You Putting Your OBIEE Data at Risk When Using Tableau?

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The Pros and Cons of DIY With more people data coding than ever before – and many learning at home – intelligence auditing has become a more voluminous industry than ever before. On the darker side, it’s also become one that’s induced patchy self-made programs which can not only be defeasible, but potentially dangerous to […]