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Paretos principle 80 20 rule

The 80/20 Rule for Connecting Power BI to OBIEE and OAC

When connecting Power BI to OBIEE or Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC), the users deal with many issues like:

  • Users unfamiliar about how OBIEE data is organized
  • Connectivity showstoppers
  • Data Mismatch
  • OBIEE Time-out errors
  • Number of rows exported exceeding the limit set in OBIEE
  • Missing data relationships
  • Poor performance etc.

Some of these issues have the potential to become showstoppers too.

But wait! The good news is…

When you apply the Pareto’s principle, which is widely known as the 80/20 rule, for connecting Power BI to OBIEE, you can easily eliminate these issues!

“Roughly 80% of the consequences come from 20% of the causes.”

We, at BI Connector, have been helping users to visualize OBIEE data with modern visualization tools for over a half-a-decade now.

In these years, our team has gained solid understanding and expertise in connecting Power BI to OBIEE based on interaction with customers across multiple industries.

We’ve channelized all our learnings and put them together into 9 best practices for connecting Power BI to OBIEE or OAC. Some of these best practices are Power BI specific while the rest are either BI Connector or OBIEE specific.

When these 9 best practices are collectively followed, you can easily fix the 20% of the causes and eliminate more than 80% of the issues in connecting Power BI to OBIEE.

Below is the list of the 9 best practices:

  1. Know your OBIEE data using a fail-safe approach
  2. Start with OBIEE Reports
  3. One-click Troubleshoot
  4. Clear the Power BI Cache
  5. Choose the right connectivity mode
  6. Apply filters
  7. Adjust 4 simple parameters and fine-tune for long-running and large queries
  8. Use GZID and retain OBIEE Subject Area tables joins
  9. Implement Data Security in Cloud
⋙ Here’s our simplified guide to the comparison of Power BI Vs OBIEE.

We’ve shared these best practices in detail (along with demos), in a webinar on the topic – 9 Best Practices for Connecting Power BI to OBIEE and OAC. Click below to watch the webinar recording, and put the best practices into practice!

9 Best Practices list connecting Power BI to OBIEE and OAC.

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