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Ultimate Guide to the Best Power BI Connectors for Oracle Tools


Microsoft Power BI is an industry-leading data analytics platform that works on-premises or in the cloud. 

If you’re an Oracle user, you can directly visualize Oracle data in Power BI with Power BI Connectors.

There are custom connectors to connect Power BI with specific Oracle apps and services.

In this article, we’ll be listing the most popular Power BI connectors for Oracle tools.

What is a Power BI Connector?

Power BI connectors eliminate the need to export your data to Excel and connect them to Power BI. 

It enables a user organization to securely connect Power BI with data sets in apps, services, and the cloud.

With a secure connection, the organization can visualize Power BI reports, and perform robust analytics and other Power BI services.

Some Power BI Connectors provide real-time connectivity. It helps you visualize the data as and when it gets updated or added.

Top 5 Power BI Connectors for Oracle Tools

1. BI Connector

Power BI Connector for Oracle BI & Analytics Tools.


BI Connector is the most efficient Power BI Certified connector for connecting to Oracle Business Intelligence and Analytics data sources (OBIEE, OAC, OAS). 

It’s just a 64-bit ODBC driver (for Windows machines).

BI Connector eliminates messy Excel extracts and uploads. It is easy to use, secure, and compliant with OBIEE’s security model. 

OAC users can visualize OAC Subject Areas and Reports with Power BI with real-time data access for FREE!

You can easily get started with BI Connector and create an intuitive visual project in minutes.


  • Connect Power BI to OBIEE/OAC Subject Areas and Reports
  • Import to Power BI from OBIEE/OAC
  • Real-time data connectivity (Direct Queries)
  • Schedule automatic refresh of OBIEE/OAC datasets 
  • Publish OBIEE/OAC reports to Power BI Cloud Service
  • Reuse OAC subject area joins
  • Support for Power BI Pro or Premium versions.


  • Flexibly priced based on the number of CPU cores (starting at 8 cores) on the Gateway machine

2. Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) Connector 

Power BI Connector for Oracle Analytics Cloud


Oracle has introduced its own Oracle Analytics Cloud connector

It enables users to connect to Oracle Analytics Cloud with Microsoft Power BI to visualize Oracle Analytics data.

Users can create visualizations based on cached data from Oracle Analytics subject areas.

Data analysts can then share reports with other Microsoft team’s Power BI users.

The connector does not work with a live query or Power BI Pro & Premium versions,

Only users with administrator privileges in Oracle Identity Cloud Service can complete the complicated setup. 


  • Can be integrated within Oracle Analytics Cloud
  • Community Support

Cost: Free

Compare BI Connector Vs. Oracle Analytics Connector for OAC

3. CData

Power BI Connector for Oracle Database & Oracle Eloqua


Oracle has a powerful database built to handle an enormous amount of data. Eloqua is a SaaS platform by Oracle for marketing and sales automation.

CData is a Power BI Connector that is engineered and optimized for Oracle Database and Eloqua data.

It lets you easily connect Microsoft Power BI with live Oracle data for up-to-date visual analysis and reporting.

You can ensure real-time visualization by scheduling refreshes or refreshing on demand. 

CData can seamlessly handle the most complex queries from modern BI Reporting.

It includes intelligent row scan, relationship exploration, type detection, and support for unstructured data.


  • Real-Time Data Access (DirectQuery)
  • Full Metadata Discovery
  • Robust SQL-92 Support
  • Complex Query Processing
  • Supports bulk operations, push-down, client functions, and aggregation

Cost: Desktop Licensing – $399/yr

Server/ Enterprise/ Online License – Custom Quote

4. Panoply

Power BI Connector for Oracle Database and Oracle Eloqua


Oracle DBMS is incredibly reliable, and secure and has long been a market leader.

Unfortunately, integrating the Oracle database into Power BI can be complicated.

Similarly, Maintaining Marketing Automation data and sharing the accessibility of your Eloqua account can be tricky.

Panoply is a 3rd-party Power BI connector for Oracle Database and Eloqua.

It provides you the options and settings to sync, store, and access your Oracle data with Power BI.

Visualize data in minutes without complicated code just a few clicks.

Users can query Oracle data directly in Panoply or connect with Power BI.


  • ETL – Extract / Transfer / Load 
  • Saves data prep time and effort by automatically uploading, sorting, and storing all your source data in one place.
  • An All-in-one ETL pipeline manages and streams the entire data flow process from input to output.
  • Easy to use – No technical skills are required
  • Chat & live support
  • Security – HIPAA, SOC-2 & GDPR compliant

Cost: Starting at $639/mo

5. PreCog

Power BI Connector for Oracle Hospitality


Oracle Hospitality’s OPERA Cloud Property Management (OPERA Cloud PMS) is the leading software solution. 

Precog is a scalable self-service data connector for Power BI.

It provides an easy way to move data from Oracle Hospitality Opera to Power BI.

Precog allows you to load data into Power BI without custom code or engineering resources.

It supports real-time connectivity with delta-loading. You can refresh the table every 30 seconds to 24 hours.

Precog lets you build the exact tables you need for large data sets.


  • Supports multiple data sources – NoSQL, RDBMS, APIs, etc.
  • Up-to-date data is available in the table
  • Easy to use – Simple data browser interface
  • Within minutes add new sources of data to your Power BI solution without specific technical skills.
  • Runs in any existing infrastructure, local, cloud, or hybrid
  • Reduces IT resources and services needed to add new data sources to Power BI
  • Auto-join technology maintains critical data model relationships in one place
  • Fast streaming ingests that are superior to any ODBC/JDBC tools

Cost: Custom pricing


Power BI streamlines data analysts’ work and makes it easy to connect, transform and visualize Oracle data.

The right Power BI Connector depends on the Oracle app or service you would like to connect. 

You can analyze your requirements, budget, and technical competencies.

BI Connector is the best choice to connect Power BI to Oracle BI & Analytics tools. It is secure, easy to use, and offers all features you require in a Power BI connector. 

OAC users can get started with the BI Connector Desktop edition for FREE!
Feel free to contact us to learn more.

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