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What’s the Best Way For Modernizing OBIEE With Power BI? Migration Or Integration?

If OBIEE is the only platform in your organization’s analytics stack, you may be looking for modernizing OBIEE with a self-service data visualization platform such as Power BI.

The following ways are available for modernizing OBIEE with Power BI:

  1. OBIEE to Power BI Migration
  2. Power BI and OBIEE Integration

Let’s take a closer look at these options.

  • OBIEE to Power BI Migration

The only option available for replacing OBIEE with Power BI is migration. However, there are no known OBIEE to Power BI migration/conversion tools to complete the migration project fast.

So, the IT teams will have to go through the manual migration process, which involves the recreation of connectivity to data sources from the scratch in Power BI, redevelopment of joins and aggregations, and replication of the existing security framework in OBIEE into Power BI.

The budget and time required for the manual migration from OBIEE to Power BI are so huge, and it is a high-risk project. The users also will have to wait for years to experience self-service data visualization in Power BI, if your organization is taking the migration path.

In the blog post titled, Can You Replace OBIEE with Power BI?, we have covered the migration approach with more detail.

  • Power BI and OBIEE Integration

If your organization is risk-aversive and looking to create quick wins without expensive re-engineering, you’ll need to evaluate the alternative option – Power BI and OBIEE Integration.

In fact, connecting Power BI to OBIEE enable organizations to make the best of both worlds – OBIEE (for Data Management) and Power BI (for Self-service Data Visualization), which forms a great for Enterprise Analytics.

There are currently 3 different choices for connecting Power BI to OBIEE:

      1. Oracle BI Server ODBC Driver
      2. BI Connector
      3. Web Data Connectors

When there’s more than 1 choice, it might be challenging to find the best one that suits your organization’s specific needs. So we created a quick checklist of the 5 Must-haves for Power BI to OBIEE Connectors to help you choose the best connector for your organization’!

We’ve covered the Pros and Cons of each of these 3 connectors in the blog post titled 3 Options for Connecting Power BI to OBIEE and Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC).

Since Migration from OBIEE to Power BI demands expensive re-engineering, it is good to go with Integration.

⋙ Here’s our simplified guide to the comparison of Power BI Vs OBIEE.

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