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“We were impressed with BI Connector’s simplicity. We see the involvement of the user community now. There is an increase in the number of questions or queries from users when new Tableau models get published. It would have been a difficult journey without BI Connector.”

Erick Nizard,
Director of Data & Analytics @ Oliver Wyman


“BI Connector empowered us to take our reporting to the next level! It gave us the flexibility needed to meet reporting needs & requests. Also, BIC team provided exceptional support & guidance to bridge the gap between OBIEE & Power BI. We highly recommend BI Connector”

Chris Millheisler,
Financial Analyst, Operations and Programs @ Stemilt Growers LLC

“We have been impressed with every facet of BI Connector, right from its set-up to the developer's swift response, its top-tier security measures & overall robustness. It has already made a world of difference for us, and we are confident it can do the same for you.”

Abdulwahab S Alkhudhari,
Senior HR Data Analysis and Reporting Officer @ Kuwait Finance House

“What would have taken several days before, I can now finish within a few minutes. BI Connector provides the flexibility to create ad-hoc analyses without requiring technical expertise. I use it daily to analyze lead generation, opportunities, and booking statistics.”

Senior Marketing Analyst,
A Leading Cybersecurity Company

“The speed and depth of Tableau and OBIEE expertise of the BI Connector team are impressive. They are incredibly flexible and fast to work with.”

Senior Data Analyst,
A Renowned South Florida Bank

“BI Connector allows us to perform ad-hoc analysis of OBIEE data like never before! If the loan portfolio’s interest rates droppped, it took 5-6 emails & calls to get to the root cause. With BI Connector, we can now identify the issues & answer them in just a few minutes.”

Senior Financial Analyst,
A Renowned South Florida Bank

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