How it Works

BI connector is the only solution that allows Tableau users to securely connect, analyze, and visualize the business data in OBIEE without any changes in OBIEE. It connects Tableau to OBIEE's Presentation Layer allowing you to reuse OBIEE subject areas, reports, and security model. BI connector saves time and money by reusing the existing business logic and joins in OBIEE.

How it Deploys

BI connector is available in two flavors: Desktop Edition and Server Edition.

BI connector Desktop Editon is designed to provide seamless user connectivity from Tableau Desktop to OBIEE. It is installed on your PC with the Tableau Desktop. Once configured, you can connect to OBIEE from within Tableau Desktop using your OBIEE URL, OBIEE username, and password. You can create visualizations in Tableau using OBIEE subject areas and reports to which you have access.

BI connector Server Editon is designed to provide seamless connection from Tableau Server to OBIEE. It is installed and configured on the system with the Tableau Server. Tableau Desktop user can connect to OBIEE using BI connector Desktop Edition and publish the data source connection and worksheets to Tableau Server. Other Tableau Web Users and Desktop Users can connect to OBIEE with their own OBIEE credentials using the published Data Source or Worksheets.

If you want to learn more about BI connector, check out the FAQs on BI connector.

Video Gallery

See the video demos for connecting from Tableau to OBIEE, mashing up OBIEE data with Excel, mashing up two OBIEE subject areas, and extracting OBIEE data into Tableau extracts.

Connect to OBIEE with Tableau using BI connector

Blend OBIEE subject areas with Tableau using BI connector

"I am very happy with the BI connector and it is doing what I want it to do. BI connector has made it so easy to create Workforce Analytics dashboards with OBIA data."

-Workforce Planning Analyst, Leading Packaging Provider

Mash-up OBIEE data and department data in CSV with Tableau using BI connector

Extract OBIEE data into Tableau .TDE file using BI connector

BI connector @BI_Connector

10: Cross-database join of Subject Area and CSV data with BI connector