Case Study

Automating OBIEE-Tableau Data Flow for Improved User Experience


Oliver Wyman is a leading management consulting firm. With a global presence across 30 countries, the company deep industry knowledge with specialized expertise in strategy, operations, risk management, and organization transformation.

The Challenge

The firm was using OBIEE for over a decade and created a single version of truth in it. They eventually started using Tableau to combine its enhanced visualization capabilities with OBIEE's immense analytics data.

The user community was frustrated due to the cumbersome process of taking large volumes of OBIEE data to Tableau. They would have to first run queries in OBIEE. followed by extracting and uploading the data to Tableau.

The users were able to partially overcome the challenge by connecting Tableau to OBIEE using a web data connector. However, the connector failed to support the latest Tableau version and the union queries in OBIEE, forcing the users to adapt to the manual extraction process again. The users started losing interest.

We were impressed with BI Connector’s simplicity. We see the involvement of the user community now. There is an increase in the number of questions or queries from users when new Tableau models get published. It would have been a difficult journey without BI Connector.

-Erick Nizard, Director of Data and Analytics

The Solution

Oliver Wyman heard about BI Connector and tried the free trial version. With BI Connector, they were able to establish live connectivity between OBIEE and Tableau. Further, BI Connector supported the union queries and proved to be compatible with latest Tableau versions.

The Outcome

With BI Connector, Oliver Wyman was able to streamline the process of data visualization and create an end-to-end flow. BI Connector's scheduled refresh also ensured data stayed updated at all times, improving user experience. Ultimately, the company empowered its user community with self-service visualization, resulting in a sharp rise in user engagement.