Join our partnership program and take
your business to the next level
with BI Connector

Reselling Reselling
point Earn sales commission and unlock opportunities to sell your BI Development services.
point BI Connector demo license and support included.
Affiliate Affiliate
point Promote BI Connector to your audience on your website and social media accounts.
point Use a special link and earn attractive commissions for every sale.
Referrals Referrals
point Refer BI Connector to other potential users in your network.
point Earn renewal discounts for the new sales your referrals bring in.

Companies Worldwide Trust BI Connector


The Partnership You Need


Improved Profitability​

point Gain access to an extensive customer base through the BI Connector program.
point Benefit from exclusive partner programs and rebates to enhance profit margins.
point Seize additional service opportunities to increase your revenue streams.

Securing a Competitive Edge

point Link your organization with the leading global name in Oracle Fusion reporting solutions through BI Connector.
point Position yourself as a reliable partner in reporting, visualization & analytics.
point Leverage cutting-edge technology and innovative tools to stay ahead of market trends and competitors.

Boosting Sales Performance

point Capitalize on upselling opportunities within our satisfied customer network.
point Participate in lead generation, co-marketing, and digital marketing initiatives.
point Receive comprehensive training and marketing support to streamline your sales process.

Why Partner with Us?


Amplify Your Strength

Enhance market presence and accelerate success.


Elevate Your Service Offerings

Enrich your portfolio using BI Connector solution.


Increased Customer Satisfaction

Provide seamless data visualization experiences.


Optimize Your Costs

Reduce costs through BI Connector's shared resources.


Grow Your Business

Attract diverse customers and expand your market.

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