Case Study

Research University

The Client

A leading private research university based in the San Francisco Bay area.

The Challenge

The university used OBIEE as the central repository for all student data. However, its ad-hoc analysis of student data was slow and data remained stale. There were several other challenges including:

  • A laborious and error-prone export/import ETL process that led to inconsistent analysis results.
  • Merging existing data with various other data sources was a cumbersome process.
  • Data security issues

The Solution

BI Connector allowed the university to connect OBIEE and Tableau and allow users to: Connect and visualize real-time OBIEE data directly. Use Tableau and BI Connector to slice and dice enrollment figures, retention rates, graduation rates and other key metrics. Automate reports, dashboards and storyboards.

Benefits As a result of switching to BI Connector, the university:

Gained self-service business intelligence capabilities. Could perform ad-hoc analysis in minutes instead of days or weeks. Minimized analysis and reporting errors via automation. Increased data security while reducing data risks. Benefited from significant IT time and cost savings.