Terms of Use

Terms of Use Agreement For Guidanz Websites


Guidanz Inc. (Guidanz) created and maintain the Guidanz.com, Skedler.com, BIconnector.com website (collectively GUIDANZ.com) and other websites added to GUIDANZ.com from time to time to provide a repository where you (You or Your ) developers, users, and other interested parties (each, a User and collectively, Users ) may obtain and share information around GUIDANZs products and services, and other topics found on GUIDANZ.com. If you are accessing and/or using GUIDANZ.com on behalf of your employer or as a consultant or agent of a third party (collectively Your Company ), You represent and warrant that you have the authority to act on behalf of and bind Your Company to the terms of this Terms of Use Agreement ( TOU ) and everywhere in this TOU that refers to You or Your, shall also include Your Company.