BI Connector case study of a bank analyzing loan portfolios in real time

The Client

In this case study, we share with you how this company achieved great benefits after relying on BI Connector. This client is one of the largest independent depository institutions headquartered by assets in Florida. It is a relevant and recognized company in its field, ranked third in Forbes magazine’s “Best Bank in America 2015” list.

The Challenge

In a dynamic financial landscape, this client faced the challenge of efficiently analyzing financial risks and customer data to derive actionable insights.

The need was clear: a great solution to not only streamline the analysis process but also to significantly reduce the time spent on ad-hoc analysis, and to minimize the potential for human error. This dual objective aimed at enhancing operational efficiency and making the data handling process more seamless and reliable.

The Solution

By adopting BI Connector, the client was able to create ad-hoc visual analysis of OBIEE data like never before. Even complex OBIEE reports difficult to create from scratch in Tableau were brought to the data visualization tool with ease. 

This improvement was outlined by a senior financial analyst at this company, who said, “Some of the existing OBIEE reports are so complex and difficult to recreate from scratch in Tableau. BI Connector makes life easier for our users“.

If the interest rate and yield for loans portfolio fell below target, earlier it used to take five or six emails and phone calls to get to the root cause. With BI Connector and Tableau, they can now drill down to the underline loans with low interest rates and answer it themselves in just a few minutes. 

BI Connector also enabled users to eliminate manual, time-consuming steps for analyzing loan portfolios. They can analyze and visualize trends in loan origination, purchases, interest rates and yield rates in real time without any effort.

At the same time, automation has improved the accuracy and consistency of data by eliminating human errors.

The Outcome

Enhancing Real-Time Loan Portfolio Analysis with BI Connector

The client was able to achieve all their objectives while improving their workflow. They were extremely impressed by BI Connector’s robust features and excellent customer support. The impact was profound, resulting in:

  • Huge Time Savings: The efficiency brought about by BI Connector drastically reduced the time required for data analysis and insight generation.
  • Improved Speed: The agility with which data could now be accessed and analyzed meant faster decision-making and response to market changes.
  • Reduced Human Errors: Automation minimized the risk of errors, ensuring data reliability and accuracy.
  • Enhanced User Experience: The ease of use and integration capabilities of BI Connector significantly improved the overall user experience, fostering a culture of self-service and empowerment among the users.

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