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BI Connector - Visualize MicroStrategy Data with Tableau

Connect Tableau to MicroStrategy Reports

We are excited to announce the beta version of BI Connector for Tableau to MicroStrategy Reports Connector.   BI Connector allows Tableau users to shorten the time to analysis.  Users can visualize MicroStrategy data with Tableau’s intuitive UI and combine it easily with other data sources.   See a demo of BI Connector – Tableau to MicroStrategy below:

BI Connector – Tableau to MicroStrategy Connector Demo

BI Connector offers the following benefits and features for business users and IT.

User Benefits

  • Faster Time to Analysis
    • Visualize MicroStrategy data with Tableau in minutes. No need to spend days preparing MicroStrategy exports for visualization
    • Easy to learn and use – apply data filters in an intuitive user interface and visualize only the data that you need
    • Combine MicroStrategy data with other data sources quickly.  No need to wait for days for IT to prepare the data for visualization
  • Error reduction – eliminate data errors associated with export/import and in-house ETL approaches
  • Data consistency – get the same results in Tableau as MicroStrategy

IT Benefits

  • Reuse MicroStrategy’s reports and security model – Maximize the value of your BI investment
  • Improved data governance
  • Reduce costs by deploying BI Connector in a centrally managed server model
  • Reduced backlogs for report creation


  • Connect to MicroStrategy’s reports – drag and drop tables/folders and columns for visualization
  • Reuse MicroStrategy’s prompts/filters – BI Connector provides MicroStrategy prompts in an intuitive UI
  • Reuse MicroStrategy’s security – login with your username and password
  • No changes required to MicroStrategy
  • Easy to install and configure

Join the Beta Program Waitlist

Note:  If you are interested in the Tableau to MicroStrategy connector, do not download BI Connector from the Free Trial page.  The version in the Free Trial page connects Tableau to OBIEE only.  Please contact us using the form below to join the waitlist for the Tableau-MicroStrategy connector. 

We work closely with our early customers to better understand their requirements, workflow, and help them meet their business needs.   The following is the process followed by early customers:

  • If you are interested in the Tableau to MicroStrategy connector, contact us via the web form below.  An official email address is required.
  • A BI Connector team member will follow-up with you within 24 hours to schedule a “QuickStart” web conference session.  During the session, the BI Connector team will understand your requirements, answer your questions, and help you install, connect and create a simple visualization.
  • The BI Connector team member will follow-up with you periodically to see if you have any questions or need any help click here.

We appreciate your interest in the BI Connector Tableau to MicroStrategy Reports Connector.

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