Case Study

Enabling Cost-optimized Sales & Marketing Data Analytics


A leading high-tech cybersecurity company with more than 2500 customers across 65 countries.

The Challenge

The marketing and sales data for creating Monthly Management Reports and Quarterly Business Reviews ("QBR") were stored exclusively in OBIEE. Ad - hoc Analytics in OBIEE became quite a challenge, and getting help from IT proved to be cumbersome due to high lead times. The whole process of importing and visualizing data in Tableau took six days, making it an unsustainable approach.

What would have consumed several days of my time in the past, I can now do it within a few minutes or hours. BI Connector provides the flexibility to create ad-hoc analysis without requiring technical expertise or IT help.

-Yun Fan, Senior Marketing Analyst

The Solution

Looking for an easy solution quickly bring OBIEE data into Tableau, the client reached out to the BI Connector team. After installing BI Connector, the client was immediately impressed with its simplicity. They could easily create Tableau dashboards with OBIEE data. Since BI Connector uses the existing OBIEE subject areas and security models without any changes, they didn't have to pursue IT help or approval.

Productivity, Time, and Cost Savings Per User:

  • Average of 4 work days per month per analyst
  • 48 work days per year per analyst
  • $57,600 total saved per analyst

The Outcome

BI Connector has become an integral part of the client’s marketing analytics toolkit. They use the product daily to analyze lead generation, opportunities, conversion, and booking statistics. “The key benefit of BI Connector is that end users like myself can seamlessly create beautiful ad-hoc reports from OBIEE data in minutes. By using BI Connector to create ad-hoc reports, we have saved weeks and months of user acceptance testing time that was necessary when reports were created by IT.” says Yun.