Offline License Activation


For step-by-step instructions to generate the offlineActivation.json file, please refer to this article.

BI Connector can be activated offline with a license key file named responseFile.json. To generate the license key file, you will need the offlineActivation.json file from your BI Connector installation. This file can be obtained via BI Connector License Activation UI.

Please upload the offlineActivation.json file using the form below, and click on the Activate button. This will generate the responseFile.json file which can be downloaded to your computer.

Once the responseFile.json file is downloaded, please transfer it to the machine with BI Connector installation, and upload it via BI Connector Activation UI. For detailed instructions on uploading the file and activating BI Connector please refer to this article.

If you are having trouble generating the activation file using the above form, please contact the support team via BI Connector Support.